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Up against the Wall gets a facelift.

One of my more recent and small-scale projects “Up against the Wall” is getting a major overhaul on the site and a new collection page has been added for it.

Individual shoots are currently being uploaded and prepared for display but the overall page can be found here: https://www.ninjaprints.com/photography-galleries-photo-collection-ninjaprints-henry-clayton/art-nude-photography-up-against-the-wall/

Our navigation menus within pages are also being given a massive overhaul to make transitioning between pages somewhat easier.

Photography of a nude model, shot as part of my "Up against the wall" series.
Photography of Lyssa Noir, art nude images shot as part of my “Up against the Wall” series.

Duality – Grunge Nudes

Duality was a short and spontaneous opportunity to throw together some shots, and explore a new way of shooting something more “in your face” than my usual candid and tasteful work.

Pena and Lyssa were both visiting and wanted to shoot, so we threw them, some wine and a bathtub together to shoot for the day.

The full shoot can be viewed here: Here and some beautiful prints are available in our shop

Photograph from my Duality project, featuring models Pena and Lyssa in a bathtub, nude.
Duality #29