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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked this Way Comes

A Labyrinth Spider sits in it’s funnel web, waiting for something to come a calling.  The doorstep is littered with the remains of past visitors who stayed for dinner.

I did slightly disturb the web to try and clear it of obstructions to get a clear shot down the funnel, the spider was on the job repairing the web immediately though would not venture out beyond the passage entrance.

Up against the Wall gets a facelift.

Photography of a nude model, shot as part of my "Up against the wall" series.

One of my more recent and small-scale projects “Up against the Wall” is getting a major overhaul on the site and a new collection page has been added for it.

Individual shoots are currently being uploaded and prepared for display but the overall page can be found here:

Our navigation menus within pages are also being given a massive overhaul to make transitioning between pages somewhat easier.

Photography of a nude model, shot as part of my "Up against the wall" series.
Photography of Lyssa Noir, art nude images shot as part of my “Up against the Wall” series.

Glitch Art?

Corrupted RAW file.

During the process of backing up my extensive collection of images, some of the RAW files corrupted into some kind of fucked up modern art piece, the effect on a few of them actually looks quite pleasing so I figured I may as well put these up for display, since they are of fuck all use to anything else now.

I feel that I should probably release them as limited edition prints just so I can buy some new storage.

Corrupted RAW file.
Corrupted RAW file.
Corrupted RAW file.
Corrupted RAW file.
Corrupted RAW file.

Duality – Grunge Nudes

Duality was a short and spontaneous opportunity to throw together some shots, and explore a new way of shooting something more “in your face” than my usual candid and tasteful work.

Pena and Lyssa were both visiting and wanted to shoot, so we threw them, some wine and a bathtub together to shoot for the day.

The full shoot can be viewed here: Here and some beautiful prints are available in our shop

Photograph from my Duality project, featuring models Pena and Lyssa in a bathtub, nude.
Duality #29

Vape Photography – New Service

Photograph showing vape photogrpahy, e-liquid bottles on location shot by Ninjaprints

Vape Photography a brand new service being offered by Ninjaprints. Few things are as important as getting solid, professional product images done for your brand of E-Liquid.

Ninjaprints offers a range of Vape Photography services and packages to suit your every need, with 15 years of photographic experience and a working knowledge of print and social media we can provide you with a steady stream of Vape Photos to keep your brand visibly present in supreme style.

For more information please visit the following link: Vape Photography

Photograph showing vape photogrpahy, e-liquid bottles on location shot by Ninjaprints


Ninjaprints visited one of the most notorious places on earth recently, Auschwitz, a nazi death camp located in Southern Poland.

We have produced a magazine like article and gallery showcase for our visit to this hellish place which can be viewed here: AUSCHWITZ

Auschwitz red brick structures.

Zakopane AKA Snowtown

Well, all that snow being chucked down continued for fucking days, it was pretty obvious from the moment we stepped off the train that frosty bedlam awaited as we attempted to drag our hefty bags through several foot of snow…

My amazing girlfriend had picked us out a wooden castle of a hotel for our stay, which seemed to be a popular theme of the area, along with kebabs and more fucking cabbage.

Day one involved eating as much as possible and trying (unsuccessfully) to get pissed.

Day two involved a more responsible walk in the woods, which were packed with crazy deep snow which belted down ceaselessly until pretty much everything vanished under 30ft of the frosty muck..

Expect a lot of pictures from the real camera to follow later 😉

Robot’s R Us

Down a side street in Zywiec, Poland I found an intimidating Robot factory from the Soviet era, likely to be churning out killer machines still.

Evidence of the robot take over can be found on every street in the area where smiles have been replaced with the cold mechanical grimaces of our Robotic Overlords.