Galloway Forest Park - Glentrool - Loch Trool

Galloway Forest Park was the starting point to our 2 weeks around Scotland, exciting, but also in some ways a disappointing entry point. The forest seemed to be quite bafflingly deforested in places, stark and littered with felled trees and wood that had seemingly been left to rot where it had been cut back and down. Whilst I am sure there is a strong underlying reason for this from a conservation or management perspective, it was none-the-less somewhat confusing to a newcomer in the area like myself.

I would be lying if I said it was the most stunning place to visit in Scotland, it really isn't, but I am sure there is more beauty to it than the simple snapshot we travelled through, certainly it was good enough for a few car loads of Scots with disposable bbq's to visit and have a car rave on a hilltop, so who am I to judge another man's venue of choice?

Loch Trool itself seemed somewhat inaccessible with little in the way of signage to suggest a good point to get close and take a look at the lake itself, but certainly was pleasant from the nearby hilltop which made home for "Bruce's Stone" memorial. We made a few attempts to find entry to the loch, but eventually it was getting too late so we headed to the midge riddled campsite for our first proper experience of the flesh eating little bastards. The campsite itself was lovely, but the midges swarmed in early evening and forced us inside after a brief bite from the bbq.

The little bastards were out in full force the following morning so we decided to invest in some proper repellant and headnets after a traumatic initiation. We made ourselves out through the forest park towards Ayr to take care of this and onwards to Kirkmichael and the Cairngorms.

From the Ground

From the Sky