Travels with my Shrink.

Travel, photography, Sci-fi and other creative hobbies have always been my therapy and outlet for all the stresses of day to day life. I try to keep an open mind and eye to the world around me, whilst looking for both the macabre and the comical aspects in everything around me to document and ponder. It doesn't always work, it doesn't always make for the most amusing reading in the world and I don't try to keep my language as clean as I was taught, but I am content to see the world in a somewhat dark, sardonic and curious way, more often than not even the most obscure things around you can be beautiful, bewildering and hilarious in their own way.

I have tried to collect some of my journeys, thoughts and projects here for a somewhat erratic collection of memoirs, often visual and sometimes just for the sake of remembrance and posterity. I hope you find some pleasure in viewing a few of them.