I have long been planning to release a “bargain” section on my website, but have now finally got around to it.

ninjaprints artist proofs, bargain basement
ninjaprints artist proofs, bargain basement

Artis Proof Store.

Often during my project development process I will source papers to test print images with so I can see how the texture and colour takes to the medium and then I often put these finished prints into my own collection to enjoy.

I recently decided that I would put these signed “artist proofs” up for sale here on Ninjaprints so people could have access to some of my favorite pieces from ongoing and new projects.

Each print is completed with our usual museum grade standard, images will happily last over 100 years if treated with some care and kept out of the harsh elements.

These high quality test prints, along with stock left over from art shows, fairs and such are being added to our “bargain basement” for heavily reduced prices, some are framed, some not and some images are actually the last of their kind as the original files for some have been lost or destroyed.

These prints are signed in most cases on the back, but never numbered and as “artist proofs” I consider them to stand apart from the final limited edition releases, rather than keep these in my own collection I have decided to allow others to enjoy them.

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