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Ninjaprints visited one of the most notorious places on earth recently, Auschwitz, a nazi death camp located in Southern Poland.

We have produced a magazine like article and gallery showcase for our visit to this hellish place which can be viewed here: AUSCHWITZ

Auschwitz red brick structures.

Zakopane AKA Snowtown

Well, all that snow being chucked down continued for fucking days, it was pretty obvious from the moment we stepped off the train that frosty bedlam awaited as we attempted to drag our hefty bags through several foot of snow…

My amazing girlfriend had picked us out a wooden castle of a hotel for our stay, which seemed to be a popular theme of the area, along with kebabs and more fucking cabbage.

Day one involved eating as much as possible and trying (unsuccessfully) to get pissed.

Day two involved a more responsible walk in the woods, which were packed with crazy deep snow which belted down ceaselessly until pretty much everything vanished under 30ft of the frosty muck..

Expect a lot of pictures from the real camera to follow later 😉