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Created 18-Apr-16
Modified 20-Apr-16
Time Stands Still” is my largest and longest running project, set up nearly 8 years ago as a study into erotic form and candid photography, the project has morphed and evolved over the years and is now drawing near to completion.

Based around the theme “erotic” I work with a variety of people, many of whom have never been involved in a shoot before, and seek to capture their take on the theme and their interpretation of shoots that have come before.

Often working with my models at their homes with an aim to capture them relaxed and comfortable with themselves and me I originally set out with a goal of capturing over 200 unique shoots, it quickly became apparent that I had eyes bigger than my stomach in regards to the sheer scale of the task and decided to keep to a more realistic number.

I have as of today completed over 21 shoots with models from across the UK, Europe and further afield and aim to shoot another 9 before wrapping the project up and pushing forwards with publishing it in hardback form.

My skill and ability as a photographer have progressed rapidly along side the project as has my equipment and methods of shooting and confidence, when push came to shove I made a call to remove some of my past shoots from the project as I felt that I had not done my models the justice they deserved in my early days as a photographer.

All models receive a 20% cut of the profits from sales of images featuring them, except in the rare cases where I have hired a model with a specific look in mind, these models receive a 10% cut regardless of having already been paid for their time.

Henry Clayton – Ninjaprints – Time Stands Still
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