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“Over the last 15 years Ninjaprints has shot and documented imagery across a great many themes and subjects, from festivals and woodland scenes through travel and portraiture and beyond these into candid and art nude works over more recent years.

All of my photographic themes have been broken down into project like portfolios many of which containing multiple approaches and galleries of the same subject.

Members are free to browse my many “projects” at their leisure and look through my eyes into my studies of images and themes captured through over 15 years of my life and witness a huge chunk of my life in the process, from a first person perspective.”

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A fresh new series combining stunning landscapes and art nude models in a variety of beautiful locations across the UK and further afield.

This project has been broken down into chapters and will remain ongoing for the rest of my professional life as a photographer and is planned to cover a vast range of locations and styles as the project progresses and my experience in this new undertaking grows.

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“Time Stands Still”


Running for over a decade, Time Stands Still represents my largest ever photographic project.

Seeking to capture individual expressions of eroticism and personal takes and relationships to the theme I have shot with over 40 individuals to create candid, atmospheric and intimate portraits.

The project spans nearly 30 individual galleries of incredible people I have captured over the years and the final shoots are currently being booked to bring this massive undertaking to a close.

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“Up Against the Wall”


A brief study into colour portraiture to get back into practice after over a decade of shooting in monotone, simple backgrounds and isolated and clutter free imagery.

Collecting a short range of images from some interesting new and old characters I have had the pleasure of working with.

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