Chapter One - Valentina L'Abbate - The Lake District - UK

Hiraeth Chapter One

The first shoot in the series features the most incredible lass I have ever had the pleasure to work with, Italian born, Irish hearted Valentina L’Abbate.  We have now worked together a number of times and have built a close friendship and trust with each other as well as a great understanding of how we both work together.

Valentina and I decided to shoot in the Lake District of the UK over late March 2018, using my friends wonderful and famous pub “The Mortal Man” as our base of action to give us 4 days to shoot in the hills.  Unseasonable weather had crashed into the UK a week before and we were lucky to be able to even shoot at all in the brief periods it was warm enough for either of us to brave the outdoors, the results are presented in the first set from my Hiraeth series and Valentina and I have planned a further shoot for June in Ireland.

Chapter One - Gallery

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